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This site is designed as a resource for new and existing students and staff of the Open University.

The site complements the OUSA Mac General forum.

Course Compatibility

The Open University only supports the Windows operating system. Students using any other computer platform will not receive full technical support.

The OU has many students and tutors who use other systems, so it is worth checking the course web site for an FAQ about Mac OS X and asking questions on the forum.

It is comforting to have an idea of how other Mac-using students have fared in recent years, so please have a look and add your comments when you complete your course.
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Other Features

The news page includes information about the latest Apple software as well as general information & announcements.

Other pages offer advice on submitting work electronically to the university, using the Windows operating system on a Mac, Software & Hardware Reviews specifically aimed at students and information on accessing some of the most significant Student Discounts available.

OU Staff

We welcome Mac-using Open University staff members, and value their input and comments. The help of individual tutors has been instrumental to students, and any advice they can give is invaluable.

Associate Lecturer Mike Hay has written a specific version of the eTMA handler software for Mac to allow tutors to mark assignments on the Mac. More information of the software and downloads can be found on Mikes website.


This site is constructed entirely by volunteers for students to provide informal advice and information. We make absolutely no guarantee as to the accuracy or currency of information posted here, and accept no responsibility for the consequences of decisions made or actions taken by individuals as a result of comments included on this site. The information listed is by its nature subjective, and should be read as such. All questions regarding fitness to study at the Open University must ultimately be addressed to the university itself.