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This, for any OU Mac student, is the first port of call, and absolute gold. But of course, Apple being Apple, it’s hardly the most well-publicised scheme in the world…

Here are the facts: being an Open University student entitles you to savings on Apple hardware and software purchased from the online Apple Store, as well as from the retail stores dotted about the UK.

Online is the easiest way to get it, but first a warning. Apple runs a very nice AppleStore for Education online, where eligible users can get pretty good discounts on Mac stuff – usually between 5 and 10 percent. Nice – but you are entitled to more than this! What you want is the higher education store. Recently a user found this page, which you could try.

If it doesn’t work, then try this:

Call 0800 039 1010
Tell the nice Apple staff member that you wish to register for the Higher Education discount.
He/she will ask you for some verifying documentation to prove you’re at the OU. A copy of your course acceptance letter will be fine e.g. something with your personal identifier and home address. You can fax it to them, or send it as a scan via email.
After that, you’re ready to go! If you know what you want, you can order there and then. If you don’t, just go and browse the normal store and then phone up your contact when you need a quote. The Apple staff member you spoke to originally will generally be your personal point of contact for discounts.
Remember to HAGGLE! Prices aren’t set in stone, and there’s nothing to be lost by chancing your arm. OU Mac users have gained some pretty good discounts this way. Here’s a general guide to some bargains:
A copy of Mac OS X should cost between a half and two thirds of the full price.
A MacBook or MacBook Pro can be sold at anything from 12 to 15 percent discount from the prices quoted here.
Cheaper kit like the Mac Mini will get you less of a discount.
Non-Apple goods (i.e. third Party software and hardware) is unlikely to command much, if any, discount at the store.
Apple do lots of software – Final Cut Pro, iLife, etc. All are eligible. Also hardware like Airport network routers.
AppleCare support warranties are also offered with purchased hardware at very low prices, which many OU students take advantage of. Ask your rep about these.

Via Apple Retail Stores

If you feel like getting your hands on the merchandise before you buy, or don’t fancy doing the whole thing over the phone, then you can also get a discount at the many bricks and mortar apple stores in the UK. Take along your OU identification and tell them you want the HE discount. It is possible to show you are an OU student by logging on to your student home page in the shop.