The Open University runs an online submission system for course work. For some courses, work may also be submitted by pen, paper and post, but the electronic Tutor Marked Assessment system, or eTMA, has become the principal means of delivery and return of work.

As the eTMA is a web-based service – and the web is a cross-platform standard – the main issues of compatibility and transport are already solved. Mac browsers can handle the OU student website just fine, and a marked file can be downloaded to a Mac as easily as to a PC. The only tricky issues come with the format of the files we send or receive, and the way we compress or decompress those files.

This following guide therefore takes you through the two broad stages necessary to do OU work on your Mac:-

Part 1. Finding the right software to format your written work in the correct way.
Part 2. Compressing your formatted files for submission to the tutor via the eTMA system, and then receiving your marked work back.