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Boot Camp

Boot Camp is software that is included with the latest Mac operating system releases. For more information on how it works and what you can do visit Apples Find out how section for video tutorials. You’ll find it nestling in the “Utilities” folder within your “Applications” folder. Boot Camp works by dividing your Mac disc into two separate partitions, and …

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Since Apple announced their move to the new Intel chips, developers have been busy looking for a way to exploit the common chip architecture for the benefit of Mac users needing multiple operating systems. Ideally they’ve wanted a way to run other OS’s without re-booting, in a Window on your Mac desktop, just like VirtualPC (above), except at more PC-native …

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It can run Windows 7,Vista, Windows 2000, Win 98, 95, Linux and UNIX operating systems, using the same guest OS concept that emulators do. You install a virtual disk on your Mac containing the guest OS, and it sits in a window. With the push of a button, it can also switch to full-screen mode, looking like a full PC. …

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VMWare Fusion

VMWare Fusion is a Mac virtualisation solution by VMWare, a long-established virtualization company on the Windows side. It entered that Mac market a little late, but has been gaining ground ever since. VMWare is almost a feature-for-feature match with Parallels, price and access to Boot Camp partition included. OU Students are divided in their choice of favourite, as each does …

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VirtualBox, virtualisation for free

VirtualBox is an Open Source software package sponsored by those clever people at Sun (now part of Oracle), the people who brought you the Java programming language. And, like Java, VirtualBox was designed to be run on many systems, Windows, Linux, OSX, Solaris. Perhaps the Open University could take a leaf out of its book….. To download a copy of …

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