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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is probably the definitive suite of office applications for Windows and Macintosh. It is widely used in almost every business across the globe. It is however a paid for suite of applications and so the cost must be taken into account but with the availability of student discounts it’s certainly worth a look.

Office for Mac, as you might hope and expect, is almost totally compatible and interchangeable with its Windows counterpart. It reads and writes Word for Windows files. If you write your essay with this, you can guarantee that your tutor can read it. If you put fancy formatting in, it’ll mostly stay in. It also has all those little Microsoft graphing and drawing tools beloved of many OU courses, and tutor comments added to your returned documents show up as expected. With a few small exceptions, it does exactly what the Windows version does. There have been doubts about mathematical equations, and if you are studying a maths course, ensure you include one in your dummy TMA.

Since 2007 Microsoft changed the file format to include an x at the end, these files are not backward compatible with earlier versions of Office, however an update can be downloaded for the older version so they can read them, this provides much more functionality than the old version but check with your tutor that they can read them.

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